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Garage door opener security question…?
I have heard that some of the higher end garage door openers have remotes that change their frequency codes every time they are used. Is it possible to convert an older and less expensive opener so that it has that security feature? Hate to change out the whole opener before it`s time. Thanks in advance for ideas!

Posted by Jam

Admin: You can easily convert older model units to the newer technology by purchasing a new receiver to hook onto the unit. You will also need to purchase new remotes as well because the old ones will only be compatible with the old system. Depending on how many remotes you need, it may be more cost effective to spend just a little bit more and replace the whole opener with a brand new one – complete with the new technology and a new warranty. Depending on the brand, a new receiver and two remotes can cost around $100 – $150. One word of professional opinion (for what it’s worth), if you decide to change out the entire opener with a new one don’t go the “el cheapo” route with a Home Depot/Lowes/Sears type opener. We affectionately refer to those as “lumber yard specials.” The materials’ quality and the overall lifespan of these types of openers is usually quite a bit less than their professional counterparts.


What’s wrong with my garage door opener?
I just moved into a new house with two garage doors, but I only have the clicker for one. I’m trying to switch the door it opens to the other one, but am having some problems. I climbed up to the opener I wanted to switch to and followed the instructions to get it synced up to the clicker I have, but when I got done it still wasn’t working. I know that it’s getting the signal, because there’s a light on it that flashes whenever the button on the clicker is pressed, but it won’t open the garage door security. I also know that the motor and everything is fine because it works if I push the wall button. So it knows the clicker is being pressed and is capable of opening the door, but isn’t for some reason. Any ideas?

Posted by Paul

Admin: You don’t have the right code in it. All garage door security openers work on a handful of frequencies, but they have a code that is like a key. You have to have the right code in it to get them to work. I don’t know how to reprogram your clicker, some it’s easy, others it’s impossible. You may be trying to change the code on a clicker that doesn’t allow for that. Don’t know. A guy that does such installations can help you, or maybe a locksmith. You actually need a thief to help you. They have devices that will find the code and open either garage door. Once the code is found, if the clicker is the reprogrammable type, it’s rather easy to do, so I’m told. Here’s the thing though, if you leave them on so you can click them open from the car when you return, so can a thief. Once in the garage, it’s very easy to get into the house, out of sight of neighbors. Solution? a hidden hardwired switch that turns the power to the openers on and off. Turn it off when you leave, on when you return. If the switch is hidden on a gate post or the like, you can still get in without getting out of the car.