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Broken Garage Door Spring

Questions and Answers

How to fix a broken garage door spring. this is not the old type but a new type.?

Posted by Don

Admin: If the spring runs parallel to the width of the door and is located on the header above the door opening, it is a torsion bar garage door spring. These are extremely dangerous for anyone but a garage door installer, and they give them a lot of respect. If this is the type you have, have it repaired by a garage door pro.

Any other type of spring, you may be able to replace by yourself. Take the broken parts to a garage door dealer and have them order you a new spring.

Good luck with your garage door project.


Broken Garage Door Spring… how should i know what replacements to use?
I have a broken garage door spring … the spring snapped into (maybe due to old age or extreme cold?) and i am planning to do a replacement on my own (with the help of my brother).

Now, how do i check for the exact garage door spring replacement for my broken springs? The hardware store is quite far from my place and I don’t want to go back because I bought the wrong kind / size of the springs. Hope you can help!

Posted by Sam

Admin: Seriously, you should hire a professional to help you fix this thing. Broken garage door springs are a pain to fix and more often than not you will need the help of an expert door technician to repair the problem.

However, if you feel mightily capable (and confident) that you can do the job on your own, here are some of the important things that you should check before buying a garage door spring replacement:

1. Length of the broken garage door spring (measure both sides)
2. Inside diameter of your garage door springs (the hollow space inside the garage door springs)
3; Thickness gauge of your garage door spring wire

A simple ruler, pen and paper can get this job done. However, the actual replacement WILL definitely need more than that. Hope that helps!