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Questions and Answers

Garage doors?
What size opening for a garage door can a full size truck fit through. My space is very limited.

Posted by Par

Admin: Most new steel residential doors normally come in 6″ increments although this varies. 8′ usually is enough but get height of truck from dealer to make sure. Make certain to allow for carriers on truck and snow in winter because that can add height to your truck at the door opening. If your ceiling in the garage is low lots of hardware is available to allow installation. If it is really tight allow for your door operator. On a torsion spring door the opener can be mounted off to one side to clear the top of the truck.


Landlord permission for garage door opener installation in CA?
In the state of CA, what are the tenant’s rights regarding the installation of a garage door opener by the tenant (at the tenant’s expense)? Can a landlord refuse such an installation? I have a double garage where a previous tenant already installed a garage door opener on the other side. I have already requested permission from the landlord but I have still not yet received a reply after 2 weeks.

Posted by Ros

Admin: It’s the landlord’s property not yours, and yes then can refuse permission. It requires modifying their building and could create liability for them. Don’t act without written permission from landlord. Follow up with landlord, call or write again requesting permission. And after installed, the garage door opener becomes the property of landlord and must be left there, even though the tenant paid for it.