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Garage Door Opener

Questions and Answers

Need Help With Garage Door Opener?
I have an Overhead garage door opener and a couple craftsman three button remotes. The batteries are fresh in them. The opener has a learn button on it, and when you press it, it will blink for 30 seconds then blink rapidly and go off. I have many combinations of pressing buttons during/before/after the learn button has been pressed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

Posted by Tar

Admin: Go to Overhead’s web site and download the instructions for your model of opener. Follow the instructions carefully.


How to set the garage opener in my Chrysler van?
I bought a 2004 town and country van, but it doesn’t have an owners manual. I cant figure out how to set the garage opener feature that is installed in the overhead cluster.

Posted by Ely

Admin: On the garage door opener there should be a button on the unit itself. I might be in the rear. Park the van outside the door so it’s not in the way of the door if it comes down. Go inside the garage and push this button, this is called a teach button, then go into the van and push the button in the van for the garage door opener and hold it. If this works the door should start working when the button in the van is pushed. If it’s an older garage door opener with no teach button, take the hand held garage door opener and hold it next to the button in the van. Push both buttons at the same time and hold the buttons. If this works, the garage door should open or close. Good luck!