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Garage door wont open?
Last night after pulling in my garage and sat down like 5 minutes later a big boom happened in my garage and i don’t know what it was, and this morning i tried opening it but it wont, so i disconnected the trolly and it still wont open if i try doing it manually? help please!!!

Posted by Bri

Admin: I agree with the others, this is most likely a broken spring on your garage door. If it is a torsion spring I don’t recommend you try to change it yourself. The easiest way to fix this problem is to call a garage door installation and repair company (they also sell and install new doors). They will come out, diagnose the problem, replace the spring, balance and lubricate the door, and adjust your garage door opener for you. I don’t feel they charge an unreasonable price for this service either. Good luck.


Garage door cable came off the pulley.?
My garage door cable came off the pulley, and I don’t know how to get it back on. with the door open? or with it closed? The door is closed now but the cable is just hanging on both sides and the door is real heavy to even try to open it.

Posted by Vin

Admin:  The spring is under tension when the door is down. Get somebody to help you lift the door. Get a 2×4 under the bottom edge of the door to keep it open. There should be cable clamps attached to the cable. loosen them or it (if there is only 1), and re-feed the cable thru your pulley. Reattach the clamps and your done.