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‘Overhead’ brand garage door opener, issues with the hand-held remote…?
The remote for our overhead garage door opener has been acting up for a while now so I changed the battery in the remote, now the only way the remote will work is if I take/leave the lid off & just push the button on the ‘mother board’, whenever I screw the lid back on, the light will come on but the door won’t open, nothing happen, just a flashing red light on the remote.

Posted by Tom


Follow these steps to eliminate possible issues.

1, Change batteries in the remote. to make sure the remote is working walk around the back of the garage door opener. point the remote control at the logic board. there should be a light or l.e.d. back there.

When you press the remote button the red light should light up( the one on the back of the unit.)
if the light isn’t working your remote control is may be bad. does your wall button work. if you press the wall button will the door work normally? if so check the photo sensors on light should be red and one green. if not they may be misaligned.

if your sensors are working properly and the wall button is working try the next step.

2.if you have replaced your remote control and the light on the back of the logic board still wont light you may have a problem with your logic board.. if your wall button activates the door your logic board is probably fine. depending on the opener model that you have it may have a separate receiver board. .

If you have a belt drive motor it could be the receiver board.

You may not realize it but most overhead garage door openers are actually made by Genie. Which means that your garage door opener is probably a Genie. Do you know what model you have? What is the name of the opener that you have. if you need parts you can go to the link below for additional info.



How do you program an overhead counsel garage door opener?
I somehow lost my manual for my car. i need to know how to program my overhead garage door opener in my car.

Posted by Kay

Admin: If it’s a homelink system, you can go on to the official website. Each car has their own way of programming.

However, what you need to do first is find your model number of the opener. This can typically be found on the back of the motor itself (which hangs from your ceiling). Look on the back and it should be located somewhere in the middle.